January 20, 2014

Secondary Bandwidth

SDN Services combine Bandwidth

How much money are you willing to lose when your Internet and Phones go down?

What’s the price of an outage?

Outages happen. Recent surveys conducted by CA Technologies suggests that an average of 14 hours of  IT downtime is experienced by businesses, with half of those businesses reporting negative effects on their reputation. Of the smaller enterprises surveyed, more than $55,000 in revenue was reportedly lost, on average, for the same reasons.

What if you could supply your company with 99.99% guaranteed uptime for your internet and phone service?

  • Bonded Data to increase speeds up to 1 Gig
  • Redundancy Failover for any unpredicted outage/problem
  • Quality of Service provided through business grade Internet
  • Traffic Optimized for importance (Voice, Data, Business Applications)
  • Up to 50% Savings on Telecom Cost for Data/Bandwidth
  • Fast installation with a secure & reliable solution

Your Solution For Fast, Reliable, Secure Business Class Internet

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