The Key to Business Longevity is in Your Backup

Now is the perfect opportunity and reminder to take a look at the backup procedures you have in place for your organization. After all, your data is the single most valuable asset your company has.

Almost every business today relies upon information technology, and this means that more companies are adopting applications that are crucial to business processes like the ability to work from anywhere. But, there is a down side to this. Today’s mobile workforce takes corporate data everywhere with them, meaning they are subject to data loss beyond your office walls.

93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days filed for bankruptcy within one year of a disaster. And, it’s not just disasters we need to be concerned with. According to a report byQuorum, 55% of disaster-related downtime stems from hardware failure, 22% from human error, and 18% from software failure. Therefore, the only way to fully secure your business is to make sure you back up your applications and data, so no matter what occurs it doesn’t affect your business.

Data Backup

Data backup has come a long way since the old backup tape days, thanks to the cloud. Today, backing up your data is typically done through a network-based solution that creates a back up of the data on your company’s servers and computers—regardless of their location—and allows you to quickly restore files on-demand. It’s best to choose a solution that is automated. Any system that requires manual action, such as file copying is unlikely to deliver consistent protection. Backing up off-site is also crucial to business continuity and disaster avoidance. It’s important to ensure your data backup protects your employees’ work computers, laptops and other devices, so whether it’s a natural disaster or a stolen computer, you can easily recover their lost files.

Application Backup

Protecting your applications can range from a premises-based solution to a hosted solution through a third-party. The backups for a hosted solution work by creating a replica of your apps and storing them in a cloud server where they are continuously updated in real-time. Recovery time is virtually non-existent. Even if your app crashes, it won’t take more than five minutes to recover your full data. There are many popular applications for business, but the most common ones that company’s backup are critical applications to communications like e-mail and instant messaging. Other popular applications that are backed up are databases and revenue generating systems.

Keeping your data and applications secure is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Be sure to evaluate what the best backup processes are now before you subject your company to detrimental risks and revenue loss. The more proactive you are now, the greater chance of success and longevity for your business.

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