Why you should ditch your PBX and move to the Cloud


Why you should ditch your PBX and move to the Cloud

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often have concerns about moving from their old PBX to the Cloud. It can seem overwhelming and expensive, but the process is actually quite the opposite. The Cloud will help simplify the way your business operates by removing the IT burden and giving your employees tons more flexibility and features. Gone are the days where businesses need a handful of lines and servers in their closets. Top advantages of switching to the Cloud include:

1. Get rid of the hardware

When you move to the Cloud, it allows you to simplify communications and get rid of your bulky PBX and all of those wires in your closet that no one could ever figure out. With all of the complicated equipment of a PBX, it usually requires an IT consultant to manage everything, especially when there is a problem – and that can be really expensive for SMBs.

Thankfully, today the available technology has given businesses of all sizes more capability, greater simplicity and lower costs.  Small companies can now take advantage of the advanced technology and features previously reserved for large corporations. With a good provider, there is no hardware to buy and no upfront costs! The Cloud will provide everything you need and your provider will manage the backend for you – so you get all the perks of an enterprise-grade phone system without the hardware associated with the old PBX.

2. Features

The features that come with a Cloud phone system, compared to a PBX… well, there is no comparison. Mobility features allow you to work and access the system from anywhere. Mobile twinning rings both your desk phone and mobile phone, so even if you are on the road, you never miss a call. Employees can login to the website and make changes to their personal preferences and settings from anywhere at any time. Setting up new employees is quick and easy and done with a few clicks of the mouse.

You have the option to retrieve voicemail via your desk phone, another office phone, your cell phone, the website, or even via instant notification through smartphone apps. Other nice-to-haves are audio, web and video conferencing, as well as a digital receptionist that answers calls and routes them appropriately. The list goes on and on and there is just no comparison between what the Cloud allows you to accomplish and the limited functionality of a PBX.

3. Disaster avoidance

Whether it’s a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, or an every-day disaster, like your receptionist calling out sick, you need a phone system with disaster avoidance features to keep your business running smoothly. Being able to route calls to another office location, or employee cell phones – and being able to make those changes on the fly – is vital.

When you are instantly able to route calls anywhere in the world with the click of a button, your business is always in business. With a good Cloud system, you can access preferences via an intuitive website, so even if your office is physically closed due to a hurricane, your clients would never even know it. Being able to continue working no matter the circumstances is something you just can’t accomplish with a PBX, and the Cloud delivers that edge your business needs to succeed.

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