Why Your Data Center Needs the Cloud



Over the last several years, the approach to data management has changed significantly. Corporations with large internal data centers requiring hundreds of servers are drastically reducing the amount of equipment needed due to innovations in technology. This widespread “shrinking data center” movement is said to be a result of increased virtualization and the continued advancements in cloud computing.

In recent years, IT departments have been tasked with reducing their data footprint and moving to more virtual options to eliminate the costly expenses of physical data centers. Broadview is a perfect example of this successful progression. We have significantly reduced our own data footprint. Once requiring 150 servers to support our 150 – 200 internal apps, we now only need three. Our CIO and chief technology officer describes this further in a recent article, “We’ve gone from 150 servers to 3 in our corporate data center”.

Cloud technology has led this movement by offering affordable, secure and resilient virtual data center environments. Below are a few of the leading cloud solutions aiding in this decreased need for internal data centers.

Virtual servers have become an ideal solution for small businesses, projects and applications because you utilize and pay for only the portion of a physical server that you actually need. The server is owned, managed, maintained and hosted securely by a separate provider in their own secure data center, offering increased backup and uptime, while lowering your costs.

Hosted Dedicated Servers are another great alternative, offering businesses secure, redundant and scalable server options with a greater uptime performance. By operating in the cloud, they deliver increased security and faster access to your network, without requiring new capital for equipment. A great benefit is that they can be built to your specifications, where 100% of the server is allocated to your company, yet physically located in a secure data center that is professionally managed and supported. This provides you with the ability to access critical data and applications via the internet while ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Lastly, there are cloud-enabled virtual private data centers which provide a more efficient, scalable and agile method for deploying applications and other value chain components from a dedicated, secure hosted environment. Private Cloud environments offer businesses unlimited scalability, while eliminating expensive IT hardware investments. Most importantly, they offer exclusivity that public cloud options do not and enable you with complete control to make upgrades and changes on-demand, as you see fit.

One of the biggest hesitations for cloud adoption is the lack of confidence in the secure segmentation of cloud-based infrastructures, where servers, networks, and storage are all shared resources. To address this, providers, such as Broadview, NetApp, and VMware have joined together to develop the CloudCompute vPDC service, hosted across a global network of industry-leading Tier IV Data Centers.

By adopting cloud-based solutions, you gain the ability to scale to match your business’ needs, without the hefty infrastructure and maintenance costs. In turn, you increase the accessibility, performance and security of your critical business data. And, as an added bonus, make plenty of room for that new basketball court you’ve been meaning to install at the office.

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