How Cloud Phone Systems Can Help Avoid Tech Disasters

As technology has gotten more complex, conventional wisdom would have us believe that it’s also gotten more secure. In fact, the opposite holds true: more complex technology can be subverted or can simply fail in plenty of new and unfortunate ways.

Cloud Phone Systems Keep Businesses Connected During Any Emergency

Any business that relies on communication technology and expensive infrastructure makes itself susceptible to certain tech disasters. These range from accidental to deliberate, but for the most part they can all be avoided. Cloud technology can be a good defense against these problems.

Theft or Data Loss

One of the most common disruptions that a business can face is data loss, whether it’s accidental or deliberate. If your company’s important data is stored locally, then it remains at risk for loss. Burglars, for example, tend to target high-cost computer equipment, meaning that even if your company’s trade secrets aren’t what they’re after, they might make off with a computer or hard drive that contains them.

That’s where cloud technology comes in. By storing your important files and documents off-site on a remote server, you’re ensuring that even if something should happen to your computers or servers, your company data is always secure.

Natural Disasters

Depending on where you live in the country, your business might be more or less susceptible to natural disasters such as tornadoes and flooding. Of course, mother nature is more than capable of throwing us some curveballs, so embracing a cloud solution for your business could ensure that you’re not lost if the worst should happen.

If your workplace is damaged by extreme weather conditions, you want to be absolutely sure that your business isn’t going to grind to a halt. By using cloud computing, you’ll be able to work remotely even if you can’t make it to the office.

In addition, cloud phone systems have proven to be exceptionally resilient against the sort of weather conditions that could cripple traditional phone lines.

Long-Distance Collaboration

For one reason or another, your business might, from time to time, have to complete important projects while employees are in different locations. This situation could cripple some businesses, but those that use cloud technology benefit from its suite of useful collaboration tools for employees in different locations.

Historically, file sharing has been done using email and has been, at best, ponderous and frustrating. Nobody likes sending and receiving email attachments. Cloud computing makes it possible for employees to share the same files, and to keep changes in sync across significant distances. If you’ve ever had to solve a mystery involving different versions of the same file, then cloud computing might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Reliable Servers

Lastly, in-house IT departments aren’t always able to keep up with the demands made on company servers. The remote servers used by the leading cloud computing providers, on the other hand, enjoy nearly 100% reliability thanks to redundancies. With a cloud technology solution, the productivity in your office will never be subject to inaccessible files thanks to inoperable company servers.

The short version is this: whether you’ve been looking for a unified business phone system, courtesy of VoIP, or you’re just looking for a safe place to store your company’s important data, you might want to look into cloud technology.

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